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At Startsmart, we believe that our employees are "centers of competence" not "units of capacity". For those who are not familiar with the consulting world, this needs a little explaining.

"Units of capacity" is a term taken from the manufacturing world where "production" was directly related to capacity. Each unit of capacity, then, directly contributed to higher production and, hopefully, profitability.

While this paradigm works great for machines, treating employees in the same way is the way of some consulting firms. Not ours.

We believe that together, as a team, we present an unparalleled value proposition to the marketplace. Each team member, including associated consultants, is a center of competence i.e. they possess differentiated skills that make us all more valuable to our clients.

We walk the "paradigm shift" and "leading edge thinking" talk, where it matters most - here at home!

So come on in and talk to us. Who knows, together, we might change the world.

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