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StartSmart is a management consulting firm which specializes in the application of information technology to create lasting business value for our clients. We consult with senior executives on maximizing the value of their investment by creating a differentiated Information Technology capability.

We believe that the key to achieving this goal is to "fuse" IT capabilities with business objectives and simultaneously optimize cost of service.

We provide services to Information Technology Executives to achieve this goal:
  • Our consulting service identifies what this differentiated capability should be and the steps required to migrate to it
  • Our courses help participants understand the issues and the solution
  • Our research services assists in getting to the solution and staying ahead

We have developed a unique approach, IT Transformation, and a framework, IT Value Mapping to assist IT Organizations in aligning their capabilities with business objectives and simultaneously optimizing their investments.

Our consultants combine this methodology with a results-oriented attitude, rigorous analysis and a commitment to not only affect change but also to do it as part of a client team.

Our engagements last well beyond the time we stop charging fees…we continuously look for improvement opportunities, for our past clients, as a result of our travels or the changing trends in business and technology.

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