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Our Retained Advisory Services

The world of business is evolving rapidly. Technology is a strategic weapon that is critical to the success of any organization. The challenge of managing technology in this dynamic environment is both to provide rapid response and a carefully calculated one.

Addressing this paradox requires a holistic, consistent and coordinated approach to managing technology. Haphazard, knee jerk, just-in-time action can, and usually will, hurt an organization in the long run.

Toward that end, we provide retained advisory services. Our clients use these services to avoid problems. More importantly, they use our services to maximize their IT ROI.  Maximizing IT ROI is a continuous process not a point in time event.

  • Retained Advisory services are provided at a discounted rate.
  • Minimum retainership period is a quarter
  • Step 1, a diagnostic, is mandatory. This provides us with a "technology assessment" and helps identify issues and devise a plan of action
  • Consultation is provided over the phone and via email only

Who can engage us?

This service is specifically designed for the following audience:

  • CEOs of major corporations who need independent advice on their agenda items related to technology
  • CIOs who need a trusted and independent advisor
  • Small and Mid size corporations and Not-for-profit organizations who have big company issues but not the budget to deal with them

Why engage us?

Technology can make or break an organization.

  • Do you or your staff have the time to keep up with the rapid changes in technology and business?
  • Do you trust your instincts enough to go it alone?
  • Are you surrounded by staff that is not afraid to "tell you like it is"?
  • Are your consultants billing you for expertise or time?

We provide independent and trusted evaluation of the problem at hand. Our advice is always intellectually honest.

What issues does this arrangement cover?

Although we focus on Business Strategy, IT Strategy, e-Strategy, IT Portfolio Rationalization, Enterprise Architecture Planning, Vendor Relationship Management and Risk Management, we can address all key technology management issues.

Whether it is a problem that just cropped up or a new technology whose merits and impact you are unsure of, our services will help clear the clutter.

Why do we provide consultation over the phone and email only?

To save on travel time and cost.

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