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Startsmart, a strategy and technology consulting firm,
delivers rapid, quantifiable and sustainable results
for our clients

Startsmart - a Strategy and Technology Consulting Firm

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StartSmart is a management consulting firm with a difference:
  • We are value driven i.e. we create quantifiable shareholder value for our clients
  • We diagnose before we prescribe i.e. we do not apply cookie cutter approaches
  • We believe in the total and complete knowledge transfer to our clients
  • We are intellectually independent i.e. not beholden to any vendor or product

Our practice is based on action learning on the business/IT interface.

Business Strategy
IT Strategy
IT Portfolio Rationalization
Enterprise Architecture Planning
Vendor Relationship Management
Risk Management
test IT Value Mapping
Why do some IT organizations create unprecedented shareholder value, while others earn the contempt of their business leaders? It is no secret that aligning IT with business improves IT ROI, what is often in doubt is how to make it happen. Can you say with certainty that your IT is aligned with business? Can you prove it? If improving IT ROI is an imperative for you, read on...

IT Cannot be a profit Center
Of late, there is a lot of emphasis on IT ROI. While this is commendable, an “internal” IT Organization just cannot be a profit center. Tell me more...
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